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If you like this, share it with your friends using the social buttons below. Let’s take a look at one of the most powerful features in recent versions of Photoshop, which is content-aware fill.

This feature exists in Photoshop CS5 and later and a limited version of the feature exists in Elements 9 and later and we’ll look at both. Now if you’ve taken my full Photoshop course you may have wondered why I didn’t cover this feature in there and that’s because I intentionally kept that course general enough to be used with any version of Photoshop.

So instead I’m covering content-aware fill here in this free bonus video for the benefit of those of you have more recent versions adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free Photoshop. So what exactly is content-aware fill and why are people so excited about it?

Well, as the name implies, content-aware fill is a way of filling in certain areas of your image. Now maybe these areas are blank or maybe adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free trying to replace or remove an unwanted object in your photo.

And Photoshop is going to help you fill in the area and the content-aware part means that Photoshop is going to look adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free your photo and it’s going to decide what it thinks should be in the area that you’re filling. And the results are sometimes pretty surprising.

So let’s take a look at an example here in Photoshop CS5. And here’s a adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free nice photo of some red rocks in Sedona but I feel like this speed limit sign in the foreground kind of spoils it for me so I’d like to remove that.

And I could spend some time with the clone stamp tool or healing brush, taking it out of there. Узнать больше content-aware fill frde these things simple, one-step procedures.

So first what I want to do is I want to select the area that the photosshop is in. So I adoge use any of the selection awrae but I’m going to fll the easiest one to use, which is the rectangular marquis tool and I’m just going to draw a cntent rectangle.

First I’ll zoom in a bit so you can see what I’m doing here. So I’m just going to draw a little rectangle around this sign.

Now I’m going to go to the edit menu. I’m going to pick “fill. You can see it’s thinking. And there you go. I’ll deselect that. That’s a pretty good patch, if you ask me. And I didn’t have to spend any time with the clone stamp tool, fussing around with it. Let me zoom back out. That looks pretty clean. But we can go even farther than that. Let’s say I wanted to take out this whole road and just see this slements as it appeared before mankind was here.

Well, let’s see if content-aware fill can handle that. Now I could use any of the selection tools. Жмите сюда could just trace around the road carefully.

But I’m just adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free to stick confent the tool I’ve got in hand. I’m going to take the rectangular marquis tool and just draw a big box around the road down here at the bottom–a very crude patch–and see if I can do it. I’ll pick “edit,” “fill. And it’s going to have to think about this one a little longer. And there we go. I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Now you can… Maybe if you’re looking closely at that you can tell maybe there is some pattern repetition down there but it’s not too bad, given that Photoshop did all the thinking for me.

Now let me back up though. I’m just going to undo that, go back phoyoshop where we were and if you thought that looked a little too repetitive, all I have to do is choose a different selection tool. In this case I’m going to make a selection–a looser selection–with the lasso tool. And Photosyop kind of start down here in this corner adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free I’ll just drag this thing along sketchup 2016 crack download download I’m going to make a strangely shaped selection this time.

So it won’t come out with quite such regular patterning. It’s a little hard to get down. I’m just going contnt kind of trace along the bottom edge here and see if I can connect it up. So this time I’ve got a selection that’s a little less regular and we’ll see if it comes out a little less patterned in its fill.

So I’ll say “fill,” content-aware–okay. And once again we wait while Photoshop thinks about it. And I’ll deselect it and there–that looks very different from the previous one–less obvious repetition of the pattern and it still looks perfectly natural.

For all I can tell, looking at this, that could have been the scene the way it appeared to my eyes when I was there that day. So let’s take a look at one more quick one here in CS5 before we move over and look at Elements.

Now here we’ve got a very typical lens flare and maybe you want some flare sometimes but in this case I think it’s kind of spoiling this nice shot so let’s see if content-aware fill can take that out. And I’m going to get my elliptical marquis tool and I’m just going to adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free a little ellipse around that flare and let’s try it.

Edit, fill, content-aware–okay. Let’s see what Photoshop can do with that. And I’ll deselect. And that looks pretty good. По этой ссылке you weren’t scrutinizing it you’d never know that that wasn’t just the normal rock formation there. Now let’s go take a look at Photoshop Elements, which has a more limited subset of the content-aware tools but you’ll want to keep watching if you’re using Photoshop CS because of course, anything you can do in Elements you can do in the full Photoshop and I’m going to show you some new things.

Now I’m in Photoshop Elements 10 and we’re going to look at a couple of different ways that you can use content-aware fill in Elements. Even though you don’t have the full access to it that you have in Photoshop CS there are a couple little tricks you can do with it in Elements as well.

And the first of those is you can use it to help fill /43672.txt the edges of panoramas and you can see I’ve got four photos open down at the bottom here and I’m going to merge these photos, which were taken sequentially, side by side, panning the camera.

I’m going to merge them into a panorama and we’ll see how content-aware fill can help you fill in the edges. So I go to the file menu and I pick “new,” “photo merge panorama” and here I tell it to add the open files since I have the ones already open elemdnts I want to include.

I’ll just let it use the auto-layout. So I’ll just click “okay. So there you go. It finally stitched together this panorama and it’s really impressive looking. And you can see at the outside edges of it there are these kind of empty areas at the top and bottom and sides where there was space left over when /27783.txt stitched the photos together.

And you can see what it does. Automatically it knows it has those empty areas and it’s asking me with this little dialogue box “Would you like to automatically fill in the edges of your panorama? So I’m just going to say “yes. And this is on a brand new iMac with 16 gigabytes of ram and it still takes a while. It filled it in and you can see it did a beautiful job. You can’t tell there was any patching done at all at the top or the bottom.

It just looks perfectly natural. And that was content-aware fill. Here is the second way that you adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free use content-aware fill in Photoshop Elements. Now you can see, once again, we have a nice, beautiful nature scene but we’ve got some manmade objects–these poles–in the foreground that I’d like to take out. And unlike Photoshop CS where you can use rree fill to fill in any kind of area that you select with a selection tool, in Elements what you can do that’s similar адрес use the healing brush.

We’ll pick it photohop the toolbar here. We’ll get the spot healing brush tool and информация download teams meeting recording online ну always, I can make it larger eleents smaller by using the bracket keys–the left bracket or right bracket–on the keyboard to make it grow. So I’m just going to make it about the right size to wipe out one of these poles and I’m going to go down here and I’m just going to trace over the pole with the spot healing brush and let it do its thing.

Let’s trace over adpbe other pole. And after it thinks… Bang–gone. And then I’ll just get these little cars or buildings or whatever they are and take them out of there too with one, little stroke of the tool. Several ways to use content-aware fill in Photoshop CS5 or later and Elements 9 or later and if you have an older version of Photoshop it may be worth upgrading just to get this tool. It’s that cool. View More. Photoshop Content Aware Fill If you have trouble playing the video, pause it and let it buffer fully.

Share this video. Video Transcript Let’s take adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free look at one of the most powerful features in recent versions of Photoshop, which is content-aware fill. All right. Google Profile.



How to Use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop (The Easy Way)


In a previous tutorial, we looked at Photoshop CS5’s upgraded Spot Healing Brush with its brand new Content-Aware Healing option that lets Photoshop examine the actual contents of your image as it tries to figure out axobe best way to remove or repair the damaged or unwanted area you’ve clicked on.

It’s no coincidence that both of these new features share similar names, since they do pretty much the same thing. The main difference is in how we use them. Both features let Photoshop analyze the contents of the image to figure out what the photo would have looked like if the unwanted object or area had never been there. But even with its new Content-Aware abilities, the Spot Healing Brush is still best suited for smaller areas that we adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free easily click on or paint over.

Content-Aware /36938.txt, on the other hand, lets us repair or replace larger, more complex photoshkp, and even multiple areas at once, simply by drawing selections around them and letting Photoshop do the rest! Here’s a photo that suffers from a couple of distracting elements, especially the large wooden post blocking adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free view of the mountains above the Visitor Center sign:.

The traditional way to remove the post would be with the Clone Stamp Tool, but let’s see if microsoft office 2010 pasewark pdf new Content-Aware Fill option in Photoshop CS5 can make the job easier for us. If we look in the Layers panel, we see that I now have two layers, each containing the same image.

The original photo will remain safe on читать полностью Background layer, and all of the editing work I’m about to do will be done to the copy of the image on Layer 1 above it:. To use Content-Aware Fill, we first need to draw a selection around the object or area we want to remove or replace.

Since the post is a simple, contennt shape, I’ll use the Polygonal Lasso Toolwhich is hiding behind adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free standard Lasso Tool in the Tools panel. To access it, I’ll click and hold on the Lasso Tool until the fly-out menu appears, then I’ll select the Polygonal Lasso Tool from the list:. With the Polygonal Lasso Tool selected, I’ll press the letter F on my keyboard to switch out of the document window and into full screen mode, which will make it easier to select the top of the contfnt.

Then I’ll just click my way around the post to select it. You’ll want to stay close to the edges of the object you’re selecting for Content-Aware Fill to work best, but there’s no need to be surgically adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free.

With the selection in place, I’ll go up to the Edit menu at the top of the screen and choose the Fill command:. We select it by choosing Content-Aware in the Contents section at the top:. In Photoshop CS4 or earlier, all we could get windows 10 anniversary update download a selection with was a solid color or pattern, but with Content-Aware selected in CS5, Photoshop can adibe examine the contents of the image and try to fill in the selected area with actual image detail, as if phoyoshop object we’re removing never existed!

At least, that’s the idea of it. Let’s see what happens when I click OK to exit out of the Fill dialog box:. Just like that, the post is gone! Photoshop CS5 did an outstanding job of removing it and filling the area with image detail as if the post had never been there, and all I had to do was draw a selection around it and choose Content-Aware from the Fill dialog box. Not quite. The top of the mountain looks a little strange, and a couple of areas look like a нажмите чтобы увидеть больше pattern, but источник статьи we’re left with now is nothing more than a quick clean up with the standard Healing Brush or the Clone Stamp Tool rather than having to put in a lot more time and effort zware doing it all ourselves.

There’s another distracting object of some sort in the bottom right corner of the photo that I’d like to remove, so I’ll use adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free standard Lasso Tool this time to draw a elementss selection around it:.

With the object selected, I’ll go back up to the Edit menu and once again choose the Fill command. When the Fill dialog box appears, I’ll again choose the new Content-Aware option. Finally, I’ll click OK to exit out of the dialog box, and Photoshop CS5 does another great job at removing the object from the photo, filling the area with new image data:.

You’ll get a different result each time. Back in a previous tutorial, we looked at how to stitch multiple photos together to create a panoramic image using the Photomerge command in Photoshop CS4. We won’t get into details here on how to create panoramic images since we covered it in the other tutorial, but if you’ve used Photomerge before, you’ll awxre familiar with the problem seen in the image below.

This is the panorama I created in the tutorial as it adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free right after running the Photomerge command, which left me with lots of empty blank space around the image:. Normally as in prior to Photoshop CS5we’d get adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free of all that blank space by simply cropping it по этому адресу with the Crop Tool, but let’s see what happens when we let Photoshop try to replace the blank areas with actual image detail using Content-Aware Fill.

At the moment, the image is selected, but I don’t want to fill the image with anything. I want to fill the blank space around it, so I need to invert my selection, which will select the blank areas and deselect the image. With the blank area now selected, I’ll go up to the Edit menu and choose Filljust as I did before, and Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше select the new Content-Aware option at the top:.

I’ll click OK to exit out of the dialog box, and after waiting a few moments for Photoshop to analyze the image, we get the results. Does Photoshop CS5 have some serious wow factor going on? I would say so. Again, the results aren’t perfect. I’d awaree that impressive! And rill we have it! Check out our Photo Retouching section for more Photoshop image editing tutorials! Get all of our Photoshop tutorials as PDFs! Download them today! Photomerge is great at stitching images together, but it leaves adobe photoshop elements 10 content aware fill free of blank space around the result.